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Disheveled Cuss

by Disheveled Cuss

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    releases June 12, 2020

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Generic Song About You
She's Odd
Oh My God
Don't Paint the Sun
Shut Up
Sun Land


releases June 12, 2020


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Disheveled Cuss Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: She Don't Want
i know that it's not me that you’re after
i can crawl back to the cave where i came from
all my friends say i should try to erase it
and i’m fading but it’s hard to accept that

she don't want me

i'm afraid that ill get out of the fly trap
and then beeline for the sun or a trash can
can you make believe it was just a dream
now im almost disappeared disappeared
Track Name: Wanna Be My Friend
ive seen you around
wanna be my friend
if you need bail out
that would be okay
am i allowed to crush on your hair
it’s honey and fair and bright as day

you’d better think of what to say before you say it
get tired of cleaning up the mess
and you’d better hope it goes away
or they forget
you’ll pay the price for it again

when i'm alone and the greenway extends
deep in my head it's shelby bottomless
if i were a ghost i'd never haunt this land
i don’t wanna die but i wish that i was dead

i’m so yuck i’m so sewer
down the drain the i spiral in
did i say the words out loud oh
dug myself myself into a trench
it feels good to be a loser
even when i think about
all the times i nearly lost it
i can’t even count

are you coming around
still wanna be my friend
it could be cool
or maybe unwell
can you ignore the things that i said
i’ll leave it alone and fade away
Track Name: Nu Complication
dropped out of orion into the sea
lost all my signals on the way
just want to tell you i'll be ok
is my pocket dictionary waterproof

simple translation
new complication
how can i sleep
when you won't answer
now i'm shocked
that i'm stuck in a reef
that i'm grinding my teeth
i don't know how to speak
got nothing to breathe

got stuck in abysmal plain
still wonder bout the things to say
but there's nothing to breath beyond the waves
and im not trying to soak away

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